Position: Head of the Laboratory of Psychological and Pedagogical Research and Technology of Special Education for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Institute of Special Education of the Russian Academy of Education, Dr.Sci. (Ped.), Associate Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education

Specialty: Oligofrenopedagogy, Special Pedagogy

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5757-2371

Researcher ID: J-2047-2016

Scopus ID: 57205484762

Russian Science Citation Index ID: 324626

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Research interests: Children/students with mental retardation (intellectual disabilities) in the context of implementing the federal state educational standard: individual, differentiated approach to the study and education of children with intellectual disabilities in variable and traditional educational organizations; children with severe brain injury, habilitation/rehabilitation by educational means; educational assistance to parents of children with disabilities

Contribution to science:  Justification (from scientific-methodological and psycho-pedagogical positions) and participation in the development of the content of a new direction and approbation of the modern organizational model of children's rehabilitation with definition of the role of remedial education in rehabilitation treatment of children with severe traumatic lesions. Practical proof of the expediency of remedial education technologies in an interdisciplinary systemic approach to rehabilitation of children with trauma of varying severity. The development of pedagogical foundations for the continuity of tasks of the scientific school of defectology in the process of integration with medical science in the field of child rehabilitation and remedial education is under way. Leadership in scientific description and patenting of pedagogical means of stimulation of mental activity in severe trauma in children with different nosologies; leadership in the research topic according to the plan of the Ministry of Education. Supervision of 5 candidate theses and one doctoral dissertation.

Awards: Acknowledgement from the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, 2018.