УДК 37.01:323.28(470+571)

DOI: 10.15507/Inted.077.018.201404.017



Ayzyatov Fyarit Akhmetovich
(professor of Chair of Humanities and social disciplines, Saransk Institute of Consumers Cooperation, an affiliate of Russian University of Consumers Cooperation (17, Transportnaya Str., Saransk, Russia), Doctor of philosophical sciences, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Burova Yulia Vladimirovna
(research assistant professor, Chair of humanities and socio-economic disciplines, Middle Volga affiliate of Russian Law academy under the RF Ministry of Justice (6, Fedoseenko Str., Saransk, Russia), Kandidat Nauk degree (Ph D) in historical sciences, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


The article discusses the issue of a counteraction to terrorist ideology through the educational system of modern Russia, the latter is primarily based on the activities of the Russia’s Ministry of Education and Science. The main task of this department within the designated policy is the development of the ideology of counterterrorism. This being the case, its activity work is largely dependent on implementation of government programmes and schemes. This allows in many ways to implement the basic directions of activity in the education system in modern Russia. Moreover, one of the priority tasks is creation of a system of Islamic education. State support in this direction involves the implementation of a system of technical facilities. It becomes possible for teachers of Islamic schools to undergo a further training in the state universities. This is largely due to the implementation of the idea of dialogue between confessions in modern Russia. The state’s intention to have a dialogue between confessions is very significant and is caused by necessity of such interaction. However, this possibility has been put in doubt many times, as versatile and permanent inter-religious dialogue at the level of the leaders has not yet been envisaged.

Keywords: system of education; terrorism; public policy; counter-terrorism; ideology of terrorism; Islamic education.


For citation: Ayzyatov F. A., Burova Yu. V. Protivodejstvie ideologii terrorizma v ramkah sistemy obrazovanija v sovremennoj Rossii [Counteraction to terroristic ideology through educational system of modern Russia]. Integracija obrazovanija [Integration of Education]. 2014, no. 4 (77), pp. 17−24. DOI: 10.15507/ Inted.077.018.201404.017


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