Retracted article: Zlobin A.N. Topical issues of methodology in teaching translation. Integratsiya obrazovaniya = Integration of Education. 2014; 2(75):124-129. DOI: 10.15507/Inted.075.018.201402.124

This article by Aleksandr N. Zlobin (E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) has been retracted (i.e. withdrawn from the press) by the editor with permission of the publisher.

The reason for the article retraction is detection of large-scale borrowings from the book: Zlobin A.N. [Translation in the cognitive knowledge format: A monograph]. Saransk: Mordovia University Publ.; 2012. 

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Minutes of a Meeting of the Integration of Education Journal Commission on Publication Ethics held on March 10, 2017

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DOI: 10.15507/Inted.75.018.201402.124



А. N. Zlobin
(Ogarev Mordovia State University, Saransk, Russia)

The article covers the methods of teaching translation as an aspect of the science of translation, whose task is to develop adequate translation skills of students. In recent years, the interest in didactics has risen because of the fact that the translator profession is in demand and the effects of mastering any profession depend on the methods of teaching. The today’s rapidly changing world requires new professional skills from translators, therefore, translation didactics should adjust to be able to meet new challenges, the necessity of which is explained in this article. Not only translation didactics should be modernized but also its components such as teaching analytic variative search in a multicultural space, teaching search strategies for finding individual creative solutions in a polycode space, teaching how to work with parallel texts, etc.

Keywords: translation studies; translation didactics; modernization; analytic variative search; multicultural space polycode.

About the author:

Zlobin Aleksandr Nikolaevich, research assistant professor, Chair of theory of speech communication and translation, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68, Bolshevistskaya Str., Saransk, Russia), Kandidat nauk (PhD) degree holder in philological sciences, coordinator of regional branches of Union of Translators of Russia in Volga Federal District, manager of Mordovia Branch of UTR, aleks This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For citation: Zlobin A. N. [Topical issues of methodology in teaching translation]. Integracija obrazovanija [Integration of Education]. 2014, no. 2 (75), pp. 124–129. DOI: 10.15507/Inted.075.018.201402.124

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