Rayko M. Bukvich






Professional Affiliations:

Senior Researcher, Institute "Jovan Cvijić" of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts,

Visiting Professor, Ural State Forestry University in Yekaterinburg


Academic Degree:

Dr.Sci. (Economics),


Master of Statistics,

Scientific Advisor


Subject: macroeconomics, microeconomics, statistics, economics of education



Rayko M. Bukvich was born in Plandište (Yugoslavia) in 1953; in 1976 he graduated from the Belgrade State University; in 1977-1979 he worked assistant of Faculty of Economics in Subotitsa; in 1979-1982 he was economical advisor at the Bridge-building company in Belgrade; in 1986 he obtained his Master Degree in Statistics; in 1983-1988 he was advisor of the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Serbia; he earned his Doctor Degree in Economics in 1997; in 1997-2002 he was Deputy Director of the National Department of Development; in 2003-2012 he was professor of economics at the business schools in Novi Sad and in Belgrade.

Since 2012 he is senior researcher at the Institute "Jovan Cvijić" of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and visiting professor at universities in Russia.

He is the author of 25 monographs (including co-authorship) and 200 research articles.   


Academic Honors & Awards:


2005 - Award of the Ministry of Science of Serbia for scholar achievements.

2012 - Medal in Memory of Mikhail Lomonosov.

2013 - Medal 10 Years of Nizhny Novgorod State Engineering-Economic Institute




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